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Investing more and differently in students: Teacher leadership for deeper learning


What do students experience when teachers can lead and learn deeply? Peek inside Social Justice Humanitas Academy (Los Angeles Unified School District)—and find out how we can seize opportunities to take deeper learning to scale. 


A teacher leadership journey in #edusketch


Wendi Pillars, NC teacher and author of Visual Note-Taking for Educators, writes on developing her professional learning community and telling her teacher leadership journey with sketches.


Latest Blog Posts

Sandy Merz

April 27, 2016

How Not to Shuffle Teachers, Part One


This year at my school a powerful cohort of outside forces, trying to do the right thing, used a financial incentive to fix something that wasn't broken and in the process derailed a promising teacher's first year, denied over 100 seventh graders six weeks of science, and added 20% to the workload of four full time teachers.  

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Renee Moore

April 26, 2016

Build a Three-Legged Stool: A Classroom Mentoring Program


During the 2016 Teaching and Learning Conference, I shared briefly about a technique I used for many years to help provide parent/community support for students. Several people asked for more information about it, so I'm re-posting a more detailed piece I wrote in January 2007, "If Not a Village, At Least an Elder.".

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Marcia Powell

April 21, 2016

Notes from the First TPS Design Thinking Chat, Week 3


What sticky questions are big enough that we need to really empathize with more than our own viewpoint?  How can we work together to make that idea grow into possibilities that can lead to increased value in our schools, our classrooms, and our communities?

If you've ever asked,  "How can I.....," check out the potential of design thinking.  Ready. Set. Go. We can solve this...together.

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