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If teachers know best about professional learning… let's follow their lead.


The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) selected an apt title for its study of American professional development released on Tuesday: Teachers Know Best.”


Daniel Learned ALL about Audiences Yesterday.


You guys remember Daniel, right?  

He's the eighth grader that discovered one day that the post he'd written for our #sugarkills blog was ranked fourth in Google's Search results, right behind a bit from Harvard and right in front of a bit from Web MD.


How Would You Use Your "Lab" Class?


Imagine a class you could call your own - free from the constraints of policy and evaluation. What would you do first?

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Tori Mazur

December 19, 2014

Jekyll & Hyde From Testing


My administrators know the challenges I face in a dual-role.  When they interviewed me during the summer, I was sold on the idea of coming to my school to work with the adults in the building, integrating technology and supporting literacy efforts.  There was a caveat though.  The other part of the job posting on the district's website said "Testing Assistant".  Total misprint. Clerical error. Now I'm constantly battling myself as Jekyll and Hyde.  How many different people are you on a daily basis?  

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Dave Orphal

December 17, 2014

Stealing Business ideas for my Classroom

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“Project Managers, I need to meet with you in ten minutes,” I called out to the classroom.  “I need a progress report on your drafts, also on your posters.  Additionally, I need to know if your team is having any problems.”

It was time for our daily stand-up meeting.  After getting their teams going on today’s work, five students circled around me.

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Megan Allen

December 16, 2014

12 Signs it's Close to Winter Break


The winter break countdown has begun in schools across the United States!



What are 12 signs that it's close to winter break? Watch this quick video and enjoy a good chuckle. I'm crowdsourcing ideas for part 2, so I'd love to hear how you know it's close to break in your school building. What are you noticing in your little elves?

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Brison Harvey

December 16, 2014

Social Studies: "Who Needs It?" Everyone.


Credit: Flickr user

At our last staff meeting a group of students were posed with this question: What do you not like about your school?

And one student said, “I would not make kids take social studies classes. They are pointless.”

For a social studies teacher, these real words from real students strike a nerve and even force me re-think my choice to join this profession. Did I choose the wrong subject to teach? Does the content I teach matter? Do I help my students learn the content that they need to succeed in the world?

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