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Why teacher-powered schools are picking up momentum


The teacher-powered model isn’t new, but it’s definitely picking up momentum. More than 80 public teacher-powered schools currently operate in at least 15 states, and the first Teacher-Powered Schools National Conference in Minneapolis was attended by more than 200 teacher leaders and administrators from across the country. 


Find your tribe: A spectrum of engagement for professional learning


Looking for a way to engage in professional learning with others? Find your tribe with a spectrum of engagement! 


To Revolutionize PD, Administrators Should Follow This Simple Rule: Think Like a Teacher


At the end of last school year, an assistant principal commented: "Sometimes I forget the power of seeing myself as teacher. That is where I feel strongest, where I do my best work." We were engaged in a conversation about how professional learning had been organized for our building. I shared critical feedback from a teacher perspective, and in return, she shared the administrative perspective on how the schedule was created and how teachers were organized. At the end of the exchange, however, she also shared this powerful reflection: to do her best work, she wanted to re-frame her role as a teacher first, administrator second. 


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Megan Allen

February 1, 2016

Florida: The Connected Educator


This guest blog post is written by Janelle Dickerson, a recongnized and certified K-8 dance educator and teacher leader at a ES/PS 315 The Lab School for Children in the Bronx. Her piece was inspired by the teacher leader vignettes written in Flip the System: Changing Education from the Ground Up.

Fran Siracusa interviewed by Janelle Dickerson


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Bill Ferriter

January 29, 2016

Tool Review: Head Over Heels in Love with Screencastify


One of the struggles that I've always had as a teacher is differentiating instruction in my room.  

The truth is that while I believe in targeting instruction towards student needs and allowing students to work at their own pace through my required curriculum, pulling those behaviors off on a consistent basis is a heck of a lot harder than it looks.  Working in a classroom where some students need direct instruction, some need quick review, and some need extensions and enrichment all at the same time can really stretch a teacher thin.  

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Sandy Merz

January 29, 2016

Does Moving Money From Prisons to Schools Really Make Sense?


Will we forever be stuck shaking our heads at the annual cost to lock up a prisoner compared to the annual cost to educate a child and saying that since we're going to pay the money anyway why don’t we pay it up front by better funding our schools and then maybe more students will graduate and become productive citizens instead of dropping out and becoming criminals?

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