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“I've got my teacher evaluation. Now what?” Megan Allen asks.

Improving evaluation systems and spreading teaching expertise.

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  • Angela Riggs got lucky. Her supervising teacher, Megan Allen, connected her with a community of mentors to help launch her career.

    The day Angela struck gold

  • Delonna Halliday's photo Lori Nazareno's photo

    Delonna Halliday (Tacoma, WA) is designing a teacher-led school with advice and support from Lori Nazareno, who’s been there, done that in Denver, CO.

    MSLA, a teacher-led school in Denver

  • Ali Crowley (KY) is sometimes "the only teacher in the room" during policy discussions—but she knows how to get heard.

    Ali's Tips for Teachers Talking Policy

  • Barnett Berry

    Ariel Sacks (NY) and Renee Moore (MS) connected with ten expert teacher colleagues and CTQ's Barnett Berry to coauthor TEACHING 2030. 

    Take a look at their hopeful vision

  • Ernie Rambo (NV) worked with CTQ teachers on a report addressing teacher working conditions—then brought it back to her school, successfully advocating for more collaboration time.

    Ernie Rambo